• Online Course in Genital Massage


    Add another layer of connection to your sex life with my foundation course in intimate, sensual massage.


    This course will give you...


    Hundreds of touch techniques demonstrated on real genitals

    Guidance on basic Tantric principles in sex & intimacy

    Tips to stay comfortable and relaxed whilst giving touch

    Tips to help you communicate, and stay present whilst receiving touch

    Theory and practicals to learn about your sexual anatomy



    Simply click on the link below to be taken to the course website.

  • How the course works...

    The course structure makes learning easy and fun.

    Basic Practical Details...

    An introduction to using the course plus tips on setting up your space, comfortable positions to sit in etc.

    Foundations Of Touch...

    Introducing the principles of Relaxed Giving & Active Receiving: some ‘tools’ to play with to help you relax, communicate and feel as much as possible during your massage.

    Anatomy & Theory...

    A simple insight into the anatomy of your genitals, and an exercise to physically explore them - hands-on learning is the best!

    Techniques For Genital Massage...

    Techniques and ways to touch genitals with love and presence, demonstrated in easy to follow videos. Helping you to learn and build confidence so that your receiving partner can trust, relax and enjoy the abundance of pleasure and sensations in their body.

  • Book A Session

    If you are also interested in booking private sessions to support your learning, in person in London or Stockholm, please get in touch.

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