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    The Art of Intimate Touch ~ A Day For Couples

    Do you want to learn some new, juicy and fun ways to connect as a couple?
    Do you want to know more about how to give and receive pleasurable touch?
    Would you like to learn the basics of connected, sensual, intimate massage?
    Would you like to know more about how to massage and touch your partner’s genitals?

    The Art of Intimate Touch is a day for couples, to explore connection and intimate sensual massage in a safe, fun and informative environment. To read the full workshop description just CLICK HERE.


    I run these workshops at various intervals through the year. They are a one-day experience, usually in a central London or Stockholm location. If you would like information on upcoming dates please email me on libby@sexcoachinguk.com

    Upcoming dates for 2020...

    27th June: LONDON

    31st October: LONDON

    28th November: LONDON

    email to book

    Ritual Spaces...

    Check back later... Plans are underway to offer '3 Circles Rituals' in London, Stockholm and Beyond...

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