• Couples Sessions

    Together In Person: 90 minutes (£300) / Block of 3 ~ £810 / Block of 5 ~ £1,350

    Bespoke Packages: a course of individual and combined sessions, please enquire.

  • Couples sessions can help to address things like:


    ~ learning more about genital touch/massage

    ~ addressing communication & expression of desires

    ~ re-igniting passion & connection

    ~ performance anxiety issues & sexual confidence

    ~ how to dive deeper with intimacy


    The content of sessions is co-created between us, meaning that everything we explore is agreed on in advance.

    You might have all your sessions together as a couple; or you might come for an individual session each and a combined session.

  • Sessions might include things like:

    ~ conscious breath work to regulate arousal

    ~ simple meditation to help you stay present during arousal

    ~ practical education of your unique anatomy

    ~ exploring consent, setting & communicating boundaries

    ~ hands on touch & bodywork from me to you

    ~ getting comfortable with receiving & relaxing

    ~ masturbation witnessing

    ~ coaching in movement & body awareness

    ~ sensual massage (breast, genital and/or anal)

  • Sessions will never include:

    ~ touch that is not 100% invited by you

    ~ sexual intercourse

    ~ touch from student to coach

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