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Couples Massage Coaching...

Learning sensual massage with your partner

The Art of Intimate Touch...

Couples come to me for lots of different reasons: an interest in learning more about erotic touch specifically, a curiosity about how it might be to have a third person present, or just as a beautiful way to deepen intimacy and connection. Within these Massage Coaching Sessions I will guide you in giving and receiving sensual massage. You will both have the opportunity to receive from the other, with demonstrations from me. Please be aware that Couples Sessions do not HAVE to involve body-work: please contact me if your motivation for seeking out a session is around communication, working with boundaries, or any other topic.

We begin with a chat and 'check in'. I will invite you to share a little about yourselves and your relationship, I'll ask you some questions about what has led you to seek out a sensual massage coaching session, any specifics you would like to explore (e.g. exercises or 'practices' to help initiate intimacy, coaching around non-ejaculatory/non-clitoral orgasms etc), and we'll also talk about what will and won't be included in the session. For many couples this is the first time they have ever witnessed their partner being touched intimately by another person. This isn't something I take for granted, I am aware that it could feel strange, so we talk about it first and make sure that everyone is comfortable. For everyone I work with, the structure and boundaries of the session mean that this is a really safe way to explore without any messy emotional triggers coming up.

Connection and Intimacy games...

Before we dive in to all the delicious oily massage we take some time for you to connect and ground into your own body. One of the biggest gaps I see in couples' enjoyment of massage (and sex) is that both people are so distracted by what is going on in the other person's body (or in their own head), or by trying to please the other person, that they become completely disconnected from their own body. One of the keys to giving and receiving really good sensual touch is to feel grounded, relaxed and connected to your own body and breath before you even begin touching, or being touched by, anyone else. So, I will guide you in a short and simple meditation to help you to 'land' a little in your body, and to begin connecting with your breath and your physical, emotional and energetic sensations. If you want to try this at home you can download my Guided Meditation.

We then explore this a little more deeply with a 'game' or 'exercise' that encourages you to begin connecting and interacting with each other in slightly new ways. These are touch based practices that help you to explore what kind of touch you like to receive, and to give, to consider whether those two things might be different, and how to communicate your desires. They are inspired by the work of one of my teachers, Betty Martin. They are little introductions to sensual touch and 'massage' that help me to get a feel for the way you interact with each other. They are also the 'homework' that I send you away with! During this part of the session all the touch is between the two of you, I simply guide and hold space. This exercise will usually not involve genital touch (don't worry, we'll get to that!), and you can be naked or wear underwear, whatever is comfortable at this stage.

Giving and Receiving sensual touch...

I will guide you through some basics of touch for your receiver - showing you ways to touch, and then invite you to have a go. I explain, as we're working, why we might be touching certain areas in certain ways. The receiver is invited to just relax, drop into the experience of authentic receiving, to stay with their breath, sound and movement and of course give feedback if something feels delicious, or if something feels less than fabulous. This is a starting point - a recipe that you can take home and experiment with. We work through the back of the body, and then the front of the body, a condensed and simplified version of my 1-2-1 sessions.

We then move to genital massage, working with the principles of no goals, no performance, no agenda, and the bliss that can arise from that polarity. I will share some simple techniques with you, a little information on anatomy, and will demonstrate how to give a loving, sensual genital massage. With cock massage we cover some tips on how to avoid ejaculatory orgasms, how to let your body relax and not 'squeeze' into the contraction of a 'peak' orgasm. With pussy massage I share some insights into relaxing and re-sensitising the inside of your vagina, your G-Spot and your cervix so that you can begin to access different pathways to orgasm, moving away from just the 'peak', contraction based clitoral orgasm. This part of the session involves me giving genital massage to the receiving partner whilst the giving partner observes, and then has the opportunity to try out the techniques I have demonstrated. We'll then switch round so you both have the opportunity to give and receive the full experience!

At the end of the session we take some time for any sharings, reflections or questions that you have, and you are welcome to take a warm shower before you get dressed.

Here's what some couples have said about their sessions:

'It was such a beautiful experience in every way. We couldn't have known what to expect but somehow we felt completely safe in your hands and none of it felt strange at all. It's quite a big deal to feel so much trust for a stranger, to the extent where you're able to strip back to your most vulnerable state. I feel my husband and I are closer than we've ever been, thank you for guiding us there. We look forward to experimenting with the games and the approaches you taught us.'

'We did not know what to expect when it came to our first tantric massage and we are so grateful for the positive, beautiful and wonderful experience we received thanks to your guidance, kindness and healing touch. You understood completely our boundaries, respected our relationship wholeheartedly and the closeness we have felt since is a euphoric feeling of unconditional love and incredibly spiritual closeness that is hard to describe. Not to mention our lovemaking since which is on a different scale!'

If you have any questions about this blog, or if you’d like to book your first session you can drop me an email

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