• Qualifications

    Touch & Awareness

    May - Oct 2019: Module 1 & 2 A practical training with Schirin Zorriassateiny: athlete, dancer, yoga teacher & Rosen Method Therapist.

    Somatic Sex Educator

    September 2018: Certified Somatic Sex Educator (Sexological Bodywork) with Joseph Kramer

    Thai Abdominal Massage

    July 2018: Asian Abdominal Massage Level 1 with Felicity Joy

    The Pelvic Floor

    November 2017: A practical course for movement practitioners, with Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist Maeve Whelan


    September 2017: Level 1 Training in Trauma Release Exercise with TRE College

    The Wheel of Consent

    June 2016: Like A Pro - The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners with Betty Martin

    Sports Massage

    July 2015: ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage

    Personal Training

    June 2012: CYQ Level 3 Personal Training

  • Testimonials


    I came to Libby as I often numb out during intimate moments and lose touch with myself. Libby listened and offered exercises that helped me reconnect to my body and breath. Through working together I have become more comfortable receiving pleasure and have a stronger sense of what I desire. Libby was supportive and offered a very safe nurturing space.


    I had never tried anything like this before and was very nervous about starting. Libby is an incredibly patient, kind and considerate teacher, catering the sessions to my comfort zone and specific aims, and creating a safe space in which I could relax and be open about my issues surrounding body image and addiction. She listened to all I said and introduced me to ways I could meaningfully reconnect with myself through breathing and touch. I'm very grateful for all she has done.


    I was interested in sessions with Libby to go deeper into my eroticism and power as a woman. Having some sexual trauma in my past I am aware of the physical and mental shut down I sometimes experienced during sex and my tendency to 'transcend the body' through spiritual practices. Ive realised that embodiment is key to living a full and conscious life and the potential to explore this more deeply in an intimate, held space with another woman seemed like a wonderful opportunity. I was not disappointed.


    The sessions were hugely enjoyable and very safe. They helped me find my voice, to know more deeply my yes and no, to vocalise my desires and remain fully present to the intimacy of each moment. I experienced new physical sensations, new awareness, learnt new things about my anatomy and experiential exercises to take home and use in my daily practice. These have all contributed to feelings of joy and increased general wellbeing since the sessions began. READ MORE.


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